• Syed Saleem Abbas Jafri
  • Muhammad Saleem Akhter
  • Mumtaz Ahmad
  • Sajjad Hussain


Background: The primary objective of this study was to determine the efficacy, safety and compliance of terazosin, aselective long-acting alpha 1-blocker, for the treatment of symptomatic BPH. Methods: A total of 150 patients rangingin age between 45 and 81 years with symptomatic BPH were included. They were randomly assigned to receiveterazosin (n =74) or placebo (n = 76) for 12 weeks. Results: Terazosin significantly improved urinary symptoms versusplacebo, assessed by using the 1-PSS (-30vs. -17%, P=0.007). Maximum flow rate increased significantly withterazosin (2.3 ml/s i.e. ± 28%) compared with placebo (1.1 ml/s i.e. ±13%, P=0.006). Residual urine was alsosignificantly reduced with terazosin. Overall, terazosin was as well tolerated as placebo. Seven patients werewithdrawn from the study for adverse events with terazosin (9.45%) and eight patients (10.52%) with placebo. Theincidence of vasodilatation-related events like postural symptoms, dizziness, headache with terazosin was similar(8.11%) to that of placebo (7.90%). The reduction in supine blood pressure was minor (< 5mm Hg), both innormotensive and hypertensive patients. Conclusion: This study demonstrates the efficacy, safety and compliance ofterazosin for the treatment of BPH.


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