• Ghazala Qureshi
  • Tanvir Shirwany


Background: Uromastyx hardwickii, a local lacertilian species, is widely distributed in the Indo-Paksubcontinent and inhabits mostly the arid regions of the country. This study was carried out to assessthe seasonal variations on glucose, cholesterol and triacylglycerol (TAG) levels in a poikilothermvertebrate species and to develop an experimental model for the study of lipid metabolism in highervertebrates including mammals. Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out on maleUromastyx hardwickii. Sixty animals were bled and sacrificed within 48 hrs of their arrival in thelaboratory. Blood samples were collected by anterior abdominal venepuncture from conscious animalsusing a heparinised syringe. Results: Mean serum TAG levels were significantly higher in summer,while no significant changes were seen in cholesterol level during different parts of the year. Meanserum glucose levels were significantly higher in summer. Conclusion: Lipid metabolism inUromastyx hardwickii undergoes significant seasonal alteration. There is significant (p<0.05) increasein serum triglycerides during summer. Similarly, serum glucose also exhibits seasonal variation.Keywords: Uromastyx hardwickii, animal model, lipid profile, seasonal, triglyceride


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