• Riaz Ahmad Raja
  • Vash Dev Khemani
  • Manzoor Ali Lakhair
  • Shahbaz Ali Khan


Background: There is a controversy regarding the treatment of lumbar disc herniation. Most ofpatients with lumbar disc herniation and radiculopathy improve with rest and medicine. Lumbar discsurgery gives rapid relief to the patients with severe root pain in legs. This study was conducted to seethe risks and benefits of surgery in single level symptomatic lumbar disc disease. Methods: Thisprospective study was conducted in Department of Neurosurgery, Liaquat University of Medical andHealth Sciences, Jamshoro during 2007–2009. Patients with severe leg pain, positive straight legraising, and confirmed disc extrusion on imaging were included and conventional open discectomywas performed. Patients were followed up for one year after the surgery. Results: Forty-five patientswere operated for lumbar root pain due to a single disc. Most common disc involved was L4–5 anddiscectomy was performed. Recurrence of disc occurred in 4 patients. Conclusion: Proper selection ofpatients is necessary for excellent postoperative results in back surgery. Failed back surgery continuesto rise with high rate of lumbar spine surgery as many patients are selected inappropriately.Keywords: Lumbar disc herniation, open discectomy, backache


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