• Saira Bano PNS Hafeez- Naval Hospital
  • Tayyeba Khursheed Department of Rheumatology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Mohammad Khalid Bosan Department of Radiology, Pakistan Atomic Energy Hospital, Islamabad
  • Sadia Khurshid Department of Rheumatology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences



Multicentric Reticulohistiocytosis, MRH, arthritis, inflammatory arthritis


Multicentric Reticulohistiocytosis is a rare disorder of unknown aetiology which affects skin and joints predominantly. There are no specific laboratory investigations for diagnosis. Diagnosis can be made clinically and on histopathological basis. There is no consensus on treatment. We report a case from Pakistan with classical presentation who did well on methotrexate and low dose steroids. Prompt diagnosis and early treatment may save from significant disability.

Author Biography

Tayyeba Khursheed, Department of Rheumatology, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

Post-graduate Resident


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